About Me

Cassandra Lawson

"On January 2, 2007, I completed my first Sisterlocks installation. The next day I quit my job and I have been doing Sisterlocks full time ever since. 

Over the years I have had many wonderful clients, but my Sisterlocks clients are the best by far. I think it is because they are free from worries inherent in using chemicals or maintaining other difficult styling options like hair weaves, extensions, etc.

"I have spent 20 years in the beauty industry. I am a licensed cosmetologist, “R” Certified Sisterlocks Consultant and Sisterlocks Brand Ambassador. I currently manage the Sisterlocks Studio located at the Sisterlocks Headquarters in San Diego. 

My Passion

"Personally, my soul was reborn the day I got my Sisterlocks and even though I don't have them anymore (due to medical reasons), I was able to embrace the unique natural beauty of my hair for 7 wonderful years.
"I don't just do hair, I help change peoples' lives through education, encouragement, and guidance along a wonderful journey that promotes self-love and acceptance."

Pro Bio

"I have spent 20 years in the beauty industry.  I currently manage the Sisterlocks® Studio and I work there full-time.  

* Licensed Cosmetologist

* Sisterlocks® Trainer (CTA)

* Sisterlocks® Brand Ambassador

* "R” Certified Consultant

* Business Coach & Mentor